Friday, July 10, 2009

Fun and Sad times!

On July 5th, 2009 kellie got her first stitches! :( She was a good little girl for having to get 5 stitches. She is doing great and they are healing up nicely, she gets them out on July 14th, 2009. :-) What happened was... Tristyn was there and she tells the story better, but... she was playing at Great-Grandma Moser's house and all the little cousins were playing around the organ lifting up the tarp and playing underneath it(we have a tarp on top of the organ with plants up there, the organ is kinda just a table for now) and there was a huge metal thing leaning up against the organ and it fell over and landed on Kellie's leg!

Hartley Loves to lay down on the toybox/bench mommy made for the kids! :-)

Amber got a burn which is all healed up now but this is what it looked like! :(

We went to the pool for the first time and the kids loved it, kellie swam and swam and swam till she got sick and threw up in the baby pool, lol... so they had to close down the baby pool so they could clean up the pool! lol... Kellie just drank to much water and didn't mean to though and she apologized for it! :-)

All the kids relaxing on the couch eating Go-Gurt! :-)

Ambers cutesy smile!

Kellie's cutesy smile!

We were heading over to Douglas with our friends Sam and Emily to go swimming in Uncle Richard and Aunt Barbie's swimming pool! :-) All the kids did great on this 4 hour trip! lol... :-)

Hartley and his incredible Fishy Face! :-) He loves doing this!

Hartley also loves to drive any chance he gets! lol... which isn't that often but i thought it was cute him sitting there and then when i went to turn on the car he had the windshield wipers on and the turn signal on! He loves to drive! :-)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

April - May 2009

Hartley Thomas! 18 months old!

Kellie Paige clapping! :-)

Kellie and Hartley having fun playing in the puddle at the park!

Kellie Big Smiles!

Amber with her cute little pigtails! :-)

Friday, March 20, 2009


Dear Friends and Family,
It's been a very busy few months, so i apologize for the late late update, but i'm updating finally! lol... The kids are doing great! Kellie is starting school in the fall and can't wait! She will be in Pre-School in the 4 year old class and she knows her alphabet and can count to 30 or higher if we remind her what's next! :-) Kellie is also potty trained and loves being a Big Girl! Amber starts Pre-School in the fall in the 3 year old class, her speech is getting better but still alot of glitches but she's getting better! She loves her budda and sista alot! :-) Hartley is now 16 months old and getting HUGE! He is wearing 3T clothes and loves to run, dance and talk up a storm. He has 3 teeth now and we just recently got his haircut which he was great sitting there letting uncle Rich cut his hair but once it was all done he hated it, there was nothing there to pull! lol... This is the update on kiddoes! More will be soon! :-)

Jan-March 2009 Update!

Hartley loves to mess with the girls when they are sleeping!

Hartley after his first haircut. He didn't like that he had no more hair! lol

Kellie's favorite trucks in the world. The puppy-dog Monster Truck, the bull(El Toro Loco) Monster Truck, the big green(Gravedigger) Monster Truck... AND...

Superman, ambulance Monster truck and mean dog Monster Trucks! She named them for us! lol
Kids playing with daddy at the park!

They love playing at the "beach" in grandma and papa's backyard!

Our snow on Feb. 10th, 2009. The girls playing in the snow!

Hartley being silly!

Hartley playing in the Bubbles! :-)

Kellie fell asleep in her high chair, not the first time! lol

Amber during the SuperBowl 2009!

Hartley waiting for the ice cream to get done during the SuperBowl! :-)

The kids love playing the drums! :-)

Amber got exhausted from jumping on my bed and taking the sheets off she just fell asleep right there! lol

Oct.-Dec.2008 Update!

Amber was a little elf at christmas! :-)

They love to go feed the ducks! :-)

Kellie's first official haircut! :-) She sat still the entire time!

Hartley hiding under the table at Willcox Real Estate! Couldn't hide very long! lol

Kellie sleeps weird at times! lol

Amber was Cinderella for Halloween! :-)

Kellie was a ladybug again for the 3rd year in a row... she chose to be a ladybug!

Hartley was my little bat! :-)

Amber hitting the pinata at Hartley's 1st Birthday party! :-)

Hartley eating his cupcake on his first birthday!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Well we have been binky free for alittle over a week now! :-) Amber is starting to potty train and Kellie is just watching for now, hopefully she'll be next! Hartley is going to be 1 in 2 weeks and it's so hard to believe. I will be posting new pictures soon. Due to recent events of loved friends passing away last week i have been busier than ever! So please bare with me! I will update soon!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Amber's 2nd Birthday!

The cake mommy made, with Kellie's help! :-)
She got books!
Stuffed animals and a doll!
She tried so hard to blow out her candles, but kept blowing her bangs! Maybe next year!
She loved her cake and home made ice cream! :-) Happy 2nd Birthday Amber!